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Nicole Stenzel, Baker  

Whatever baked goodies you are dreaming about, let me make them a reality for you. I enjoy challenging myself and coming up with new flavor combinations that will please your palate.

What would you like me to create?


My name is Nicole and I am addicted to baking. 
I started baking years ago and I am comfortable saying I was not that good at it, so I gave up. Then life got busy and I needed an outlet for my energy. I read advice, poured over recipes, and bought a lot of flour. My family tasted my first few creations and encouraged me to try to sell them. Now I am here, selling my baked goods for everyone to enjoy. 

I am a mother of two wonderfully silly children, and engaged to my best friend! I currently attend ASU, working on a BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice. My goal is to attend law school after I graduate and become a homicide prosecutor. 

In the mean time, I will continue baking for my amazing clients! 

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